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ITAR Registered

  • ITAR Registered

Mission Statement

To provide conformal coating services on electronic printed circuit assemblies promptly with complete automation. Rapid Coatings will maintain a showcase manufacturing facility using the latest technologies

Quality Policy

Rapid Coatings INC is a growth-orientated company specializing in conformal coatings of printed circuit boards and electrical components. We’re committed to providing customers with a combination of superior quality, cost and service that meets our customers’ satisfaction.


At Rapid Coatings, we specialize in the application of conformal coating for electronic components on a quick turn basis. We strive to be known in the industry as the most reliable, most efficient, most knowledgeable in electronic conformal coating. We work to develop a company culture that aims to be the normal way of doing business.


With 28 years of manufacturing experience in printed circuit boards, Rapid’s management understands the need and importance for quick turn conformal coating services. While the demand for conformal coating continues to grow exponentially, lead times for conformal coating services have made it increasingly difficult to meet production deadlines. Current technology of hand spraying, dipping or semi-automatic processing for conformal coating carries the requirement of masking of critical areas of the circuit board which result in quality issues, repeatability concerns and a significant increase in time to process an order. Rapid was created to address these needs.