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ITAR Registered

  • ITAR Registered

Our main goal is to provide efficient, cost effective, conformal coating services while maintaining exceptional customer service. We work to maintain long term relationships with our customers while providing knowledge and insight to educate and improve their electronic assemblies.



Rapid Coatings is a full service coating house that offers our customers a full range of services. At Rapid, we work with our customer’s through their R&D process to develop a solution to their coating needs by helping them choose a material that is right for their product and help develop their process.

 We have the ability to coat using most of the major chemistries and stock most of the major conformal coatings on the market to ensure quick lead times. Also, we offer both automated and manual coating to meet all our customer’s needs, as well as, a range of other material application services to help save you time and cost on your product.



Here at Rapid, we understand that, oftentimes, there are delays that arise throughout the production process. At Rapid, we also offer quick-turn coating to our customer’s to help you make up lost time in your production process.

Our goal at Rapid is to provide automated conformal coating to help ensure quality and consistency while helping to reduce lead times and cost. We strive to coat our customer’s assemblies in an automated fashion and, here at Rapid, we currently have two fully automated selective conformal coating equipment lines to help us achieve this goal. Our fully automated selective coating lines allows us to reduce the amount of masking and handling required which helps to increase efficiency and quality for our customers.

Spray coating is a common widely used method for conformal coatings applications. We offer manual spray coating application for those of those small batch jobs or difficult assemblies that require coating. Here at Rapid, we have dedicated spray booths to allow us to spray all types of material chemistries and avoid cross contamination to ensure a quality coating.

At Rapid, we offer a variety of other material applications and axillary services to help save our customer’s time and money. We offer other material applications from staking, underfill, potting, encapsulation, and gasketing. Currently, we have several semi-automated and manually operated pressure dispensers to help us.

We also offer stripping of acrylic and urethane materials for board rework.